Lighthouse Projects

eHealth Ireland is working to deliver an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Ireland. As part of this, eHealth Ireland is investing resources into 3 project areas known as the ‘Lighthouse Projects’ to build an understanding of the benefits of an EHR in the Irish healthcare system. These projects are in the clinical disciplines of Epilepsy, Haemophilia and Bipolar Disorder and will be carried out over a 12 month period with specific deliverables.  They are the first chronic disease related areas for eHealth Ireland to focus on as part of the eHealth Ireland strategy. Specific feedback will be made available during the whole of 2016 as these projects provide patient, public and clinical benefit.  eHealth Ireland will be working in collaboration with a number of organisations to deliver these projects (see individual projects). eHealth Ireland will also be working with ARCH across all three projects to research the implementation of a flexible and re-usable EHR model.  ARCH is the industry-driven technology centre for connected health research in Ireland. Through the projects the many positive outcomes and benefits for patients as well as healthcare professionals associated with using information technology within health will be showcased. It will develop a new paradigm of healthcare delivery for Ireland.