IPPOSI Conference

8th October 2018

Patient-Centred Outcomes and Experiences in Research and Healthcare

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council,
Wood Quay, Dublin 8

IPPOSI (The Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry) will hold a conference on Patient-centred outcomes and experiences in research and healthcare on Monday 8th October, 2018.

Ireland needs to embrace a more value-based healthcare approach towards meeting our healthcare challenges. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and Patient Experience Data are increasingly used to establish the value of both healthcare and research. However, in order to reflect value, PROMs and Patient Experience Surveys should measure outcomes that matter to patients.

This IPPOSI conference offers a unique forum for discussions on how Patient-Centered Outcomes and Experience Data can become more frequently measured and used in Irish research and healthcare environments and how this might impact policy, service delivery, funding as well as access to innovation.

A draft agenda is available below, which has excellent speakers including Dr. Aine Carroll, former HSE Director of Clinical Strategy, and our CIO, Prof. Martin Curley will be taking part in the panel debate on "Measuring outcomes of relevance to patients: Looking to the future in Ireland"

Registration and other details are available at this link