CCIO Strategic Planning Meeting

6th April 2017

Council of Clinical Information Officers Strategy Co-Creation WorkshopThe Council of Clinical Information Officers will meet on April 6th, at the Hilton Charlemont in Dublin, to begin the journey of developing our 3 year strategy.

The Council, which began in 2015, currently boasts a network of over 260 volunteers across many disciplines in the whole of Ireland. Over the past two years these volunteers have provided clinical input to projects and policies, through its special interest groups,  such as the ePharmacy programme, the Electronic Health Record, the Shared Care Programme, the Health Information and Patient Safety Bill, the Lighthouse Projects, and the Maternity and Newborn Project to name a few.

This workshop will be a collaborative session of mutual discovery and agreement around the specific challenges and opportunities facing members that will directly inform the direction of the CCIO Council going forward and its strategy.

In order to understand what you would like to get out of the event, so we can factor this in to the design of the day, we would like to gather the feedback and input of members through a questionnaire. Please do take some time to complete this questionnaire as your feedback is really important, even if you are unable to attend the day.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email