Latest Progress

Latest Progress

Completed to date: 

  • IHI implemented into the national electronic referral (eReferral) service. This covers all general and specialist patient referrals electronically generated in the four GP Practice Management Systems for transmission to the acute hospital sector.
  • Seeding of GMS patients (via PCRS capitation download) completed in pilot sites for all four GP Systems (SocratesGP, HelixPM, HealthOne and CompleteGP).
  • Technical implementation of IHI Storage, Display, Seeding and Direct Interface to the national Epilepsy EPR.
  • Development of a direct interface to allow the General Practice Management Systems to ‘Find’ IHI numbers for their patient records in real time as the patient presents. This function is being rolled out initially to the volunteer GP pilot sites with a full national rollout to follow in 2019.  
  • The National Cervical Check Programme have implemented the IHI to their applications and now have full IHI storage and display capability. Seeding of the Cervical Check database for the IHI has also been completed.
  • The National Immunisation Office have implemented storage and display of the IHI to their Schools Immunisation Programme. IHI seeding of the Schools Immunisation database has also been completed.
  • Storage, Display and Seeding of the IHI has now been implemented to version 5 of iPM. iPM v5 is currently installed in 18 acute hospitals across 5 hospital groups with further rollout on-going.

2019 consumer system roll out plans:

Future decisions regarding which additional Health Service Provider systems will have access to the IHI will be agreed within the Health Identifiers Programme based on evaluation of candidate systems against criteria relating to clinical benefit and patient safety rather than being technology led. Consumer System Roll out plans for 2019 include:

    • Maternal & Newborn Clinical Management System (MN-CMS)
    • Medical Laboratory Information System (MedLIS)
    • National Cancer Information System (NCIS)
    • iPM version 5
    • GP Practice Management Systems
    • Primary Care Reimbursement Service
    • National Children's Hospital Group (NCHG)
    • National ePrescribing Programme
    • Also NIMIS, Beacon, Hermitage, St John of Gods, ALONE, Hemophilia, SPES, NTPF plus others