eHealth Ireland EcoSystem

eHealth EcoSystem

Since then, the eHealth Ireland Ecosystem has delivered a comprehensive programme of events, consultations, roundtables, and general collaboration among the main stakeholders around topics such as:

On November 17th 2016, the sixth eHealth Ireland Ecosystem meeting will take place. Please click here for further details and registration.

The Irish ecosystem has established itself well over the past year, I was particularly impressed with the level of and consideration to patient and citizen representation and partnership across all work projects as the central driver for change. The ecosystem has a wide range of stakeholders who were clearly working together in partnership to overcome challenges and achieve innovative solutions to achieve improved patient care and population health.

- Liz Ashall Payne, ECHAlliance

It was a great experience and it was wonderful to see a consensus clear across the board from all involved there yesterday that service users were the top priority in the development of the project going forward into development. 

- Rick Rossiter, See Change