eHealth Ireland EcoSystem

eHealth EcoSystem

The next eHealth Ireland Ecosystem meeting takes place on October 25. Click here for more information.


eHealth Ireland’s Ecosystem brings together communities connecting the whole range of multi stakeholders interested in developing integrated care across Ireland. Ecosystems strengthen partnerships committed to accelerating the adoption of solutions to challenges we face delivering high quality healthcare. We are about:

  • breaking down the silos
  • fostering innovation
  • developing lasting collaborations
  • creating better patient care
  • driving economic growth.

Since its foundation, the eHealth Ireland Ecosystem has delivered a comprehensive programme of events, consultations, roundtables, and general collaboration among the main stakeholders around topics such as:

“The ecosystem has been and continues to be crucial to the development of eHealth Ireland. It offers all of us involved in this area an opportunity to engage, collaborate, form and challenge opinions, to find solutions that will shape the future direction of eHealth in Ireland.”

- Richard Corbridge, CEO of eHealth Ireland & CIO of the HSE

“eHealth Ireland’s Ecosystem is our way to reach the wider group, building on different opinions to form the solutions of the future. By engaging the experts we are able to drive forward to a solution where we work together in partnership. The expert is in all of us who has an idea to better deliver healthcare”

- Yvonne Goff, Chief Clinical Information Officer, eHealth Ireland

"The Ecosystem is different things to different people, allowing all stakeholders to bring their version of events back to their own area of expertise. It’s the convergence of government, academia, industry and health with the patient placed firmly at the centre in terms of the realization of benefits from improved safety, efficient pathways of care and access to treatments.” – Brian O Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance