Change and Portfolio Management

Change and Portfolio Management

Michael Redmond

Michael Redmond is the Director of Change and Portfolio Management for the Office of the CIO. Michael has many years’ experience in the Health sector leading major projects and was previously IT manager for the NEHB covering five acute hospitals and community care over four counties.

Michael began his ICT career as a programmer with the Revenue Commissioners in the early 1990s, before moving on to the Department of Foreign Affairs as a systems analyst, and subsequently to the Department of Finance before taking up a position with the North Eastern Health board/Primary Care unit in 1998. Here he led the NEHBs successful drive to computerise 80% of all GP practices in the region, before going on to lead the ICT project which enabled the regional GP out of hours service.

Certified in both PRINCE2 and ITIL, Michael introduced the first regional ICT service desk to the NEHB in 2005.

Since 2011, Michael has led the ICT planning division of the HSE, where he created the Business Development unit dedicated to facilitating ICT initiatives in partnership with service managers and users.

In his new role as Director of Change and Portfolio Management, Michael is taking on the exciting challenge of developing the organisation’s capability to provide programme and change management services, with a view to the maximising the benefits of our investment in technology, for our care providers and for our clients.

An introduction to Change and Portfolio Management

Change and Portfolio Management will facilitate an end-to-end view of our projects, from inception right through service delivery.

Throughout this end-to-end journey, this area will deliver services such as project management, programme management, portfolio management and change management to the organisation, and it will achieve this by drawing on the expertise of its entire pool of ICT Project and Programme management professionals.

Centre of Excellence

Change and Portfolio Management takes a Centre of Excellence approach to organisational standards, methodologies, toolkits, supporting technologies.

There will be a tool or toolkit of supporting technologies to enable that end-to-end management of our projects. Michael is very keen to provide a support and management platform for staff in the field, whilst also satisfying the organisational management reporting requirements.

That same Centre of Excellence approach will promote the professionalsation of roles, services, and staff. Over the coming months we will look to establish a Training and Certification framework for staff, and seek accreditation of our services where that is available and appropriate.