Wellstone Galway Haemodialysis Unit Go-Live

eHealthIreland is delighted that Wellstone Galway Haemodialysis Unit has gone live with their machine interface. Bi-directional data is now flowing into the National Renal System for the KDCPMS Project. This platform provides significant integration for the haemodialysis units utilising Braun machines. The benefits derived from this will simplify nursing documentation and will afford the nurses more time with their patients at the point of care.

This interface and all its complexities could not have been achieved without the help and support of the OoCIO, and in, the Server Management team, Infrastructure & Technology, DBA Services and Service Continuity. The local nursing team who embraced change helped this Go-Live run as smoothly as it did. Congratulations & thanks to all involved.

Galway Wellstone Go live

Nursing Team in Wellstone Galway HD Unit