SNOMED Vendor Engagement day coming up!


A SNOMED CT Vendor Engagement Conference with National Release Centre Ireland is happening on February 14th 2018 from 9:30 to 16:30 in Dr Steevens Hospital, Dublin 

Aimed at vendors, it will be facilitated by: 

  • Nick Egarhos and Ian Green, SNOMED International
  • Theresa Barry National Release Centre (NRC)
  • Peter Connolly Enterprise Architecture OoCIO HSE

If you have any queries or want to register, please email

Ireland became the 29th member of SNOMED International on 31st November 2016. SNOMED International is the organisation responsible for SNOMED CT (Systemised Nomenclature of Medicine for Clinical Terms) internationally. SNOMED CT is internationally recognised as a robust terminology for healthcare. This is hugely exciting for information standards and data quality for healthcare in Ireland. The adoption of SNOMED was recommended in the comprehensive HIQA report in May 2014. This is an internationally recognised robust classification standard for healthcare in the continually evolving journey of data, to information around Health information standards in Ireland to support eHealth.

SNOMED CT is a valuable resource. However, its value is only realised when integrated within well-designed systems that take advantage of its key features. This guide introduces those features and outlines different options for implementing and utilising SNOMED CT in software applications to deliver tangible benefits.

This “SNOWMED CT Engagement Conference” provides an informative practical introduction to SNOMED CT focusing primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of EHRs and other related applications in healthcare information technology.
The factors which may influence implementation success, from a vendor perspective, include:

• Careful planning, understanding of key objectives and engagement with customers
• Successful matching of the user needs to the relevant SNOMED CT features and setting realistic goals for the delivery of specific benefits
• Selection of an appropriately staged implementation roadmap giving continuity of service plus an incrementally improved user experience
• Judicious selection of techniques and tools.
• Consistent representation of stored clinical information.
• Optimisation of information retrieval and analysis.
• Maximising the reuse of existing configuration artefacts such as queries or subsets
• Separation of the terminology: discrete configuration data and avoidance of hard coding of terminology directly into software code
• Vendor responsibilities with SNOMED in Ireland

The event agenda, including updates from Enterprise Architecture OoCIO can be seen below.

For more about SNOMED click here