Electronic Blood Tracking System Update

Over 1,000 people receive transfusions every week in Ireland.  This represents a substantial amount of blood movement from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) to the hospitals. 

The HSE is combining international best practice and IT to administer the correct blood to the correct patient, whilst recording all relevant information. A comprehensive blood tracking solution can therefore revolutionise the current system.

Blood tracking 1

The EBTS (Electronic Blood Tracking System) Project includes a three phase work programme and the rollout of the BloodTrack system on an incremental basis across 48 hospitals. The rollout of BloodTrack Tx as part of the Phase 3 work programme continued through 2017 and it is now live at 39 hospitals. Phase 3 brings the PDA (mobile device) to the patient's bedside where staff can:

    1. Safely record all patient related events from taking the initial blood sample for blood group and cross match (with positive patient identification),
    2. Administering the blood product (red cells & platelets),
    3. Recording the patient's vital signs/ reactions (if any),
    4. Recording the final fate of the blood product at the patient's bedside.

Blood tracking 2

  The following hospitals went live with their final phase during 2017: 

  • Cavan General Hospital
  • Sligo University Hospital
  • Our Lady’s Hospital Navan
  • Children’s University Hospital Temple Street
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
  • Louth County Hospital
  • Coombe’s Women’s & Infants University Hospital
  • Eye & Ear Hospital.

 The EBTS Project Team’s plan is to complete rollout to the remaining nine Phase 3 sites by June 2018.

You can read a case study on this here and full project updates are here


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