Navan Emergency Department goes live with IPMS

On 4th September 2017 Our Lady's Hospital, Navan, Co. Meath, enjoyed a smooth transition to the use of the Emergency Department (ED) module of iPMS due to the commitment and endeavours of the local iPM Project team with the support of the National iPMS team.


The team on the go live day in Navan: Sandra Finnegan, Brigid Russell, Mary Dunne, Karen Lynch Whelan, Caroline Carpenter & Mary Mullins. 

The Local Project team members key to the success of this project were:

  • Mary Dunne (Healthcare Records & Administration Support Manager)
  • Sandra Finnegan, (Medical Records Department, iPM training lead)
  • Karen Lynch Whelan (ED CNM2, iPM training lead)
  • Caroline Carpenter (ADON, Patient Flow)
  • Brigid Russell (DNE iPMS Business Manager)

 and Mary Mullins and Catherine Jinks from the National iPMS team. 

This go live brings multiple benefits to patients, ED staff and hospital management:

  • Use of the enhanced triage function by nursing staff ensures consistency of allocation of triage category based on the Manchester triage V3e standard which ensures that patient acuity is categorised correctly for treatment within the internationally recognised time frame targets.
  • Clearly readable frontsheet incorporating all demographic and triage information is produced for the ED, this reduces the risk of misinterpretation of information due to poor handwriting.
  • The use of the ‘Alerts’ function ensures that all relevant Infection Prevention and Control measures are taken appropriately and at the earliest time.
  • The ED module also facilitates ‘Advanced Nurse Practitioners’ to record, produce GP communication documents and run reports on their activity in real time and in as simple a way as possible saving them the time going through log books thereby freeing up time to care for the patients.
  • The module which is now available on every PC in the department which allows all clinical staff, medical and nursing, to view the status of the patients in the department in real time
  • Consistent ED data will shortly be flowing to the national reporting bodies e.g. SDU ED key performance indicators.
  • The iPM system incorporates a reports function which now enables local management to review activity and identify potential opportunities for improving patient flow and will support improvements in the department.
  • It also provides the linear and 2D barcode required for 3rd party systems.

The current functionality will be enhanced as future iPM versions are released. For more about IPMS