Digital Health Society Task Forces launched as part of EU intiative

A very exciting initiative has been launched in Estonia; The Digital Health Society Task Forces. What exactly does this mean?

During the Estonian Presidency of the EU Council, the Digital Health Society was developed which includes many stake-holders, from citizens to policy makers. The Task Force will be run under this.

The DHS Task Forces will create initiatives to move forward  some key challenges, gathering high-level experts and “doers-implementers” from the whole of Europe. The 1st created Task forces are around:

    • Task Force 1: Convergence roadmap on interoperability standards and Digital Tele healthcare protocol
    • Task Force 2: Data donors campaigns
    • Task Force 3: Principles of a legal framework facilitating the free flow of data and the 2nd use of data
    • Task Force 4: Recommendations for the digital transformation & change management in health and social care organisations 

Ireland is looking after the fourth Task Force which is a great opportunity!

task force 1

We expect lots of new ideas and innovation will be created thanks to these Task Forces.

The Task Force is covering issues like adaptation of health and social care organisations to the digitization leading by new practices such as Telemedicine, mobility, Data collection, Decision support, Patient health literacy and knowledge. Change is also required in healthcare as patients expectations of health is changing due to a digitized society, but we are ready for the challenge.

The objective of this is to gather a group of managers of health and social care services at national/regional level or for an healthcare provider, to launch a process of change management and digital transformation of their organisation.

To find out more information click here, or look at the attached pdf.