OGCIO Public Service ICT Strategy was published which sets out to deliver better outcomes and efficiency through innovation and excellence in ICT and for ICT to enable better sharing and integration across all of Government.

Through the Innovation stream the National Patient Portal was identified in this strategy document as a priority project in the “Actions to help realise eHealth strategy objectives”.

MyHealthPortal is to be a national online site designed for use by patients and their care givers. Its purpose is to engage patients in self-care and empower them to take a more active role in their healthcare management. It will do so by allowing the users of Irelands health system gain access to medical data held for them by the care providers, see referrals that have been made on their behalf, allow the scheduling and management of appointments and facilitate the targeted delivery of health information and campaigns.

Patient engagement - when patients are fully engaged in their healthcare, they are more likely to take the steps necessary for self-care and health maintenance. Better self-care leads to better patient outcomes. The overall wellbeing of the population is enhanced through the adoption of information-based systems supporting patient empowerment and a shift in focus to prevention and wellness. When patients access the MyHealthPortal, they will be able to review their health data and remind themselves of doctor’s notes for health improvement. Patients will therefore become more knowledgeable about their health, which is key for self-management.

The proposed project also involved the integration with some other 3rd party services. Those entities provide services such as Single Sign on and Identity services ( and appointment booking and management services through swiftQueue.

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